Wellness Care & Preventive Care for Your Furry Friends

Your four-legged companion will be exposed to countless risk of infectious diseases during its lifetime.

So why risk serious illness or death of your pet? At our animal hospital, we provide a complete range of wellness and preventive treatments, including pet vaccinations, to avoid expensive vet care or the peril of premature death of your furry companion.

Proper care and pet vaccinations are two of the most important things you can give to your cherished companion to prevent illnesses and suffering. When you need a friendly animal vet to take care of your beloved animal, make North Valley Pet Hospital your number one choice. We’re not just a pet clinic; we’re an animal hospital.

Weight Management That’s Supervised by a Pet Doctor

It’s not just pet vaccines and preventive care that we’re providing. At North Valley Pet Hospital, we also offer complete wellness and weight management for your canines and felines to make sure your companions are at their ideal weight.

Like people, pets can also become overweight as they age. And with weight problems comes health complications. Being overweight can put a lot of strain on your pets’ bones and muscles. It can also have adverse effects on their circulatory and digestive systems.

At North Valley Pet Hospital, we want to make sure that your furry friends avoid potentially life-threatening health conditions that may arise out of their weight issues. We provide highly personalized weight management programs that are focused on proper nutrition and exercise.

Skin Care & Grooming Products

If you’re looking for a cat or dog dermatologist, come to North Valley Pet Hospital. We provide an extensive range of skin care and grooming products. We’ll make sure you can keep your pet looking good and smelling fabulous. Our skin care services include:

  • Medicated bath that’s supervised by a cat and dog dermatologist
  • Nail clip
  • Ear cleaning and brushing
  • Hypoallergenic, medicated and oatmeal shampoo
  • Dematting fur
  • Anal gland care

Whether it’s skin care, pet vaccines or pet dental care that you need for your companion, come to the leading pet hospital in the area, North Valley Pet Hospital. It’s where prevention is easy and convenient. For information or an appointment, call us at 928-768-8387. You can also use our online Portal and Online Scheduling link to arrange your appointment. Our wellness and preventive care patients come to us from Laughlin, Mohave Valley, Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Needles and neighboring locations.


North Valley Pet Hospital employs such a tremendous team that does not overlook any details. Personable, reliable, and efficient are words that describe North Valley Pet Hospital. I would not trust another establishment to take care of my fur babies.