Laser Surgery to Spare Your Pet from Pain

If your pet ever needs surgery, you should know that the latest option is laser surgery. Using a state-of-the-art CO2 surgical laser, the veterinarian  physicians at North Valley Pet Hospital perform a variety of surgical procedures.

Dr. William Dean is a skilled surgeon who performs all surgeries using the CO2 surgical laser to decrease pain, swelling and bleeding and hasten recovery. He performs routine veterinary surgeries such as spay and neuter as well as many specialized major surgeries.

Should You Declaw Your Cats?

Declawing is an amputation that has a three-week recovery time and can sometimes have long-lasting side effects. That’s why Dr. Dean only recommends declawing when it is necessary to save the life of your cat. Instead of declawing, they recommend:

  • Soft paws (plastic caps that fit over your pet’s claws)
  • Scratching posts placed in high-traffic locations
  • Other alternatives to scratching

What About Veterinary Surgery?

We always perform a full blood work-up and take a complete set of X-rays to diagnose the extent of your animal’s illness or injury prior to surgery.

Can you bear seeing your sick dog or cat suffer? Don’t let your beloved pet writhe in pain needlessly. Ask a pet doctor specialist about the more comfortable laser surgery option by calling North Valley Pet Hospital at 928-768-8387. For your convenience, you can use our online Portal and Online Scheduling link to arrange your appointment. Our laser surgery patients come to us from in and around the surrounding communities of Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Needles, Laughlin and Mohave Valley.


North Valley Pet Hospital employs such a tremendous team that does not overlook any details. Personable, reliable, and efficient are words that describe North Valley Pet Hospital. I would not trust another establishment to take care of my fur babies.